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The Help Window Title bar has several clickable icons. These provide the following functions:
   Print the current Help Page.
   Check for Updates on the Web.
   Register your licensed copy of vuShield, (disabled if already registered).
   Integrated Help Desk Interface.
   vuShield Security "About" dialog window.

Important Note: Please read about the vuShield Security System's Context-Sensitive Help system.
The vuShield Security System provides affordable security for Home and Business with advanced features not found in other security systems. These include the following key features:

Context-Sensitive Help
Users can read this help documentation in the conventional way as a guide, or alternatively use the vuShield Security System's unique Context-Sensitive Help system.
This Context-Sensitive Help system is designed to provide users with detailed help at any place within the application. It may be accessed by simply by clicking on the Context-Sensitive Help button in the top right-hand corner of the application's main window as shown below.
The Context-Sensitive Help mode may be turned off by clicking on the Context-Sensitive Help button one more time.
The Context-Sensitive Help mode may also be toggled by typing <SHIFT><F1> key combination at any time.

When this button is clicked the application is placed in a special context-sensitive help mode indicated by the Help-Pointer mouse cursor. Users can then click on any part of the graphical user interface that they require specific information about and a popup help window will appear as shown below.