vuShield Security System
Version 3
Version 3 of the vuShield Security System is now available. It has a new look, ("burnt umber"?) and now includes our most-requested feature, the ability to perform automatic high speed motion detection searches of stored security footage. Under the hood, the image management engine has been completely re-written so that all stored frames are now accessed directly via queries on the high performance integrated database. This allows vuShield to efficiently manage very long recorded sequences.
vuShield now offers a free remote desktop support service for the initial installation and configuration of the vuShield Security System. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions here to enable a vuShield technician to setup the vuShield Security System for you. This requires no software installation or configuration, and the Remote Support utility will remove itself completely when closed. Customers can view the technician's actions at all times and can close the connection at any time by simply exiting the utility.
What? The vuShield Security System is a sophisticated Video Alarm software application together with some associated hardware and services. It has a large number of advanced features, which allow it be configured for many different applications. It is not just another Video Surveillance system but also fulfills a different security role of automatically detecting, recording and notifying security events together with remote real-time surveillance.
Why? Existing Video Surveillance security systems require expensive software. They are usually sold together with an even more expensive 24/7 "back-to-base" monitoring contract using human operators. We believe that in many instances this is unneccessary and unwarranted and that the vuShield Security System can provide a more effective and cheaper solution.
Where? The vuShield Security System can be used as a kind of security "toolkit" to solve a range of different security requirements. In many situations it can replace human operators with a low-cost automated system without compromising essential capabilities. It is well suited for personal home use as well as for business and corporate installations.
Click here to view a list of some real world applications for the vuShield Security System.
vuShield Security Software
Affordable Security for your Home & Office.
vuShield Remote Storage
Automatically Upload your security Images.
$19.95 / 50MB
vuShield SMS/MMS Credits
Send security Messages & Images to your cell phone.
$14.95 / 200
Portable Security Solutions

Home Users Turn your PC into an advanced full-featured Security System with the vuShield Security System Software.
Business Users Monitor your premises 24/7 with a dedicated vuShield Security Controller.
Temporarily secure a worksite with an vuShield Portable Security System..
Corporate Users Install an Integrated vuShield Monitoring System to directly link all your facilities with your existing physical security service.